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Terms of use

Rights and obligations

The use of this website, called the SITE for short, and the services offered in it by Umbrella BG Ltd. constitutes acceptance and agreement that the user, called the USER for short, will be bound by these general conditions. The USER is obliged to familiarize himself with the general conditions and if he does not agree with them / part of them, to stop using this site immediately. Umbrella BG Ltd. is not responsible if the USER has not read and does not agree with the present general conditions.
Umbrella BG Ltd. reserves the right to change, delete and edit the general conditions, as well as any content on this SITE at any time and without notice and the relevant changes will be published at this address. Umbrella BG Ltd. reserves the right to update (add, change, move and delete) the content or parts thereof (including prices, publications, technical data, product range or other information described or relevant to this site), to corrects possible errors, inaccuracies and omissions, at any time and without notice.
The USER has the right to use this SITE and the information and materials contained and displayed on it, only for lawful purposes and in a way that does not infringe the rights or restrict the use and access to this SITE by a third party.
Umbrella BG Ltd. authorizes the USER to view, store and copy in electronic or printed form copies of the materials from this SITE only for their own use, in order to generate orders and receive information about the products and services offered by Umbrella BG Ltd.
The USER has no right to change, copy, reproduce (in whole or in part), republish, publish, send or transmit in any way, exhibit, rent, sell, transfer, create secondary materials based on the content of the SITE, to connects or uses for public or commercial purposes, to distribute in any other way not cited here, any element of the content of this SITE, without prior written permission of “Umbrella BG” Ltd.
Umbrella BG EOOD is not responsible in any way for damages of any kind as a result of the use of this SITE, the inability to use it, its unavailability or that of material that is part of its content.

Personal data

The USER undertakes to provide Umbrella BG Ltd. with accurate and correct data (name, current email, contact phone and delivery address) and to use this SITE to generate only actual orders. Umbrella BG Ltd. reserves the right to refuse to fulfill orders and provide services in case it suspects abuse or in case the personal data provided to the USER or part of them are incomplete or incorrect.

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Company details:

„Umbrella BG“ Ltd.
VAT: BG205426397
Registered at: 24 Ivan Andonov str., Plovdiv, 4002
Manager: Neli Gencheva